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The University of Brighton is a public university based on five campuses in Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings, on the south coast of England. The university focuses on professional education, with the majority of degrees awarded also recognised by professional organisations or leading to professional qualifications.

The Aquatic Research Centre (ARC) is an innovative and interdisciplinary research centre that comprises world-class academic researchers with expertise that cover a range of disciplines related to water resources.

Our researchers’ expertise covers four main areas:

  • Water and wastewater quality and treatment, including the use of nano-technology for water quality remediation, the use of microbial source tracking techniques for identifying sources of pathogens in waterbodies, and the use of biomonitoring tools to identify specific pollutants in freshwater ecosystems
  • Groundwater processes, including the quantification and modelling of groundwater dynamics, including groundwater flooding and groundwater biogeochemistry
  • Surface processes, including the quantification and modelling of the hydro-morphological and ecological dynamics of riverine, estuarine, wetland and coastal environments
  • Water efficiency and water use, including water efficiency in buildings, wave power, and valuing aquatic ecosystem services.

The experienced team of academics and research staff at the ARC lead research projects and consultancy work both in the UK and internationally. Staff at the ARC undertake both independent research and collaborative research and consultancy with external academic, industrial, governmental and non-governmental partners.

The Aquatic Research Centre has state-of-the-art research facilities, including multi-million pound laboratory amenities and analytical equipment, specialist water chemistry and microbiology laboratories, an experimental river basin, a water efficiency laboratory, as well as a large pool of aquatic field equipment. All of these facilities are supported by a team of full-time laboratory and workshop technicians.

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